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How do I get the important things done and still stay sane? – Update from event

Yesterday’s Business Breakfast ‘How do I get the important things done and still stay sane?’ was held at the NFBP member hotel, Balmer Lawn. Clare Norman, from Clare Norman Coaching Associates, lead the discussions around time management and got everyone thinking about what is most important to them in their business and where they need to focus their time. (more…)

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23rd March 2018

by Becky Denby

Business Breakfast: Google Analytics for your business

Google Analytics – The most insightful way of measuring your marketing success!

Presented by Sally Kavanagh, Atracks

We’ve all heard the quote, “only half my advertising works I just don’t know which half”. Google Analytics tells you which half.

Is the investment you made in creating your website giving you a good return? Is it converting visitors into customers and enquiries? If not why not and what can you do about it? (more…)

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22nd March 2018

by Becky Denby

Business Breakfast: Effective Email Marketing

Marketing which is direct, fast, controllable, can be targeted and personalised, the results of which can quickly be assessed. Above all, email marketing is also cheap and relatively straightforward to do yourself. What’s not to like?

This informal talk will set the scene for effective email marketing which is also manageable for small businesses, using one of the many template based cloud email marketing management systems available. (more…)

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8th March 2018

by Natasha Davies