New Forest Business Partnership has people in all the right places. Members can access this network of networks and together shape and influence all local business matters.

The Partnership offers you exciting opportunities to win new local business. By working together and connecting to organisations and services, you can be part of a team which benefits not only your business but also the New Forest’s economy. As a member you will enjoy a wide range of networking opportunities and training events. We can link you with up to date information putting you one step ahead and providing you with a single point of access for your needs. We value your membership and look forward to working with you in the future.

  • Provide a network of networks for all business matters
  • Provide opportunities for winning new business
  • Provide a platform for focussed and relevant training and workshops
  • Provide a programme of networking events
  • Be at the forefront of sustainable and smarter working
  • Provide a conduit between the business community, New Forest District Council, Hampshire County Council and the New Forest National Park Authority

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