SME Judges for Altfi Awards Required are looking for SMEs that would like to help publicise their business free of charge in a booming new finance industry in return for 20 minutes of their time giving their opinion to judge 5 awards.

The AltFi awards are something that we run each year to reward the platforms for innovation and growth. As  the sector is growing fast it is important to notice who is helping progress the industry.

This year we have split the awards into three categories.

  • Industry
  • Investor
  • SME

Each category has different awards and judges so that we can be more precise when rewarding platforms for their growth. It would be great to have as many SMEs as possible help us to recognise the innovation and growth from the SME facing platforms. SMEs judging the awards will be faced with 5 award categories, such as ‘Working Capital of the year award 2015’. All nominations from platforms are then placed in a matrix with specific criteria for the SME to judge against, with each platform stating why they believe they should win the award.

The idea of this is to really show from an SMEs perspective, which platform is best for them.

For the SMEs that help us judge, we will be putting together a post award document to send out to say a special thanks for taking part. Any SME that does help we will also be able to offer a special discount to attend one of our funding bootcamps, or if they have received funding from an alternative provider maybe we could arrange a small talk at one of our roadshows closest to them to explain how they found the process as a real life case study.

If you would like to take part please simply email matt@altfi.comwith your full name and expressing your interest. Matt Hinkley will then send a unique link and simple instructions to the judging process that only the SME can use to judge the awards.
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