Apprentices for New Forest businesses – Update from event

Brockenhurst College hosted the business briefing on Apprentices for New Forest businesses last week. Dan Power (Brockenhurst College), Nikki Collier (Totton College) and Paul Sherry (49) all presented on this interesting and engaging topic.

The representatives from the colleges announced that Totton and Brockenhurst colleges had never actually presented together previously but have been working closely together on this particular topic.

A large part of the discussion was about the negative reputation apprenticeships have received in the past, and thinking of innovative ways we can start to educate business owners in understanding how these have developed to meet the growing needs of the businesses and the individual.

Firstly the speakers discussed how apprenticeships cover all ages and not just young people or those fresh out of education. Businesses should value an apprentice as an investment for the future of their business. By keeping apprentices in the business once their training is complete it can reduce the turnover of staff and in turn help a business to grow.

Once the training is complete all apprentices are now assessed in the same way, which means that businesses only need to be familiar with one qualification rather than several different versions from different sectors etc. It is also vital that business owners understand what the qualification means and the value it holds, which is another reason why it has been agreed that all apprentices will be assessed in the same way.

With thanks to Brockenhurst College for hosting this event.

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