The 49 Award for Entrepreneurship


Focusing on the contribution of a dynamic, creative and visionary leader, this award will recognise an enterprising individual who has achieved sustained levels of growth and strong financial performance through a culture of innovation, resilience and an ethos of inspiring others through their leadership style.

In this category, judges will be looking for the following:

  • demonstration of a clear vision which has been successfully executed
  • evidence of responsiveness to challenges
  • a clear leadership style
  • evidence of how others have benefited from the leadership style

For further information about our sponsor 49 visit their website.

Judging of Short-listed businesses will take place in the morning of Wednesday 23 October in Lyndhurst. Please ensure you are available in the event you are selected.

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    What is your style of leadership and how has it contributed to the growth of the business (200 words max)

    What outstanding results have you achieved through your business team and suppliers as a result of your leadership? (200 words max)

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