New Forest Enterprise Centre

This award recognises companies started within the previous two years that have exceeded their initial targets for growth and already show significant product/service development and leadership within their sector or industry.

In this category, judges will be looking for some of the following:

  • businesses who have quickly identified markets and in so doing, established a steady customer base
  • companies or individuals who have produced a workable business plan showing flexibility when situations arise warranting change
  • evidence that promotion has been controlled and executed in a cost effective manner increasing sales as a direct result
  • evidence that support and advice received has been actioned to improve the initial performance of the business
  • businesses that have used technology, innovation and/or knowledge to advance the business in co-ordination of the initial business plan

Judging of Short-listed businesses will take place in the afternoon of Tuesday 22 October in Lyndhurst. Please ensure you are available in the event you are selected.

For further information about our sponsor New Forest Enterprise Centre visit their website.

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