Blockchain: Making business better without the hype – 17 July @ 07:30 at Forest Forge Theatre

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology stands out as one of the least-understood and yet regularly featured topics in headlines as the most potentially life-changing and transformational technology of modern times.

The technology is already and will continue to fundamentally impact and positively disrupt the fields of finance, economics, business, industry, education, social impact, entrepreneurship, and governments, to name just a few. The profound potential will be in ways we don’t yet truly grasp. A real mind shift is necessary to ensure that all business can understand, adopt, embrace and benefit from the opportunities the technologies can offer.

Blockchain solutions have lower adoption in mainstream and regionalised Mid-Tier & SME’s business across the entire economy, and for these businesses to be at the heart of this next digital revolution we need to get serious about convergent thinking, support and practical education and we need to act fast!

Blockchain does not innovate on its own. It takes people and a change in how we think and use it to truly innovate.

This is a focused information, learning and actions session that includes:

  • What is blockchain in plain, simple English?
  • What are some of the profound benefits of blockchain?
  • What blockchain doesn’t do?
  • What is the hype and what do you really need to know?
  • What’s crypto?
  • What are the challenges for blockchain and mainstream adoption?
  • How application of solutions using blockchain can reduce operational costs and drive efficiency gains for your business?
  • How SME’s and micro–businesses can embrace the potential with the benefits collective action?
  • New ways SME’s can invest to build customized digital innovation, with low risk and have high returns?
  • Hands on blockchain application ‘play and learn’ and rewards for all participants.
  • What actions do I take and when?

This business briefing will take place on Wednesday 17 July at Forest Forge Theatre in Ringwood.


Members £16
Non Members £26

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