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Brand New Forest Broadband Survey Now Closed – Thank you for your responses

The Brand New Forest Broadband Survey has now closed. We had an excellent level of responses and would like to thank everyone that took the time to provide their feedback and comments.

Work is now underway to analyse the information provided. This will be published in the form of a report in the coming weeks and perhaps more importantly will be fed into the processes which are seeking to improve broadband speeds for businesses and residents throughout the New Forest.

Keep an eye on this website for further information about the campaign and in the meantime, please take the time to provide a letter of support for the Rural Communities Broadband Fund application currently being worked on to provide improved speeds for those areas not receiving superfast speeds through BDUK funding.


  1. Paul Dawson on 14/08/2013 at 7:40 am

    I am a new forest resident, (Mockbeggar near Ringwood) i have very slow broadband. I have just found out about this survey through the parish council newsletter which arrived two days after the closing date.
    How are people supposed to find out about these surveys, which are important for future broadband provision, when you don’t publicise them ?
    In particularly as our broadband provision is so poor, we need to have a voice or it will never improve as the powers that be will assume all is OK because we havent responded. Ofcourse, that maybe why this survey was not publicised.
    Best wishes,

    Paul Dawson

    • Matt Callaghan on 16/08/2013 at 1:35 pm

      I’m sorry you didn’t get the chance to input your views.

      It was identified that for the survey to provide a credible and meaningful insight, a significant number and wide range of responses would be required. As such, a publicity campaign was embarked upon to ensure that those who wished to input views on this topic were aware of the opportunity to do so.

      The follow publicity methods were therefore utilised
      – Press advertisement (Advertiser & Times and Ringwood & Fordingbridge News)
      – Press release (issued by New Forest District Council to all major local media contacts)
      – Promotion through partner networks and mailing lists including New Forest District Council Housing list, Hampshire County Council
      – Broadband network and New Forest Business Partnership contact list
      – Social Media (from Brand New Forest account by shared by others including New Forest Business Partnership, New Forest District Council and National Park Authority)
      – Posters in town and village centres
      – Blog posts
      – Promotion at New Forest Show

      Rest assured this is an ongoing process and as such there will be opportunity to input your views as the campaign develops.

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