Business Breakfast: Debt control and cash flow – Wednesday 17 February

New Forest Businesses to target late payments

It is estimated that small firms are owed £26bn in late payments – and chasing debts costs them millions of pounds more.  The Government is creating a commissioner role to deal with outstanding payments and supply-chain bullying, where suppliers are forced to cut prices in order to retain the custom of much bigger firms.  

Small businesses can often be at the mercy of larger firms who deliberately pay late.  Cash flow problems caused by late payment make it difficult for some businesses to stay afloat and for others it limits growth and productivity, putting an otherwise successful business at risk.

NFBP member businesses have expressed their concerns about this issue and we are organising this event to provide information, advice and support.  New Forest businesses of all sizes will share their experiences and express their views about these issues, discuss strategies with experts and work towards a solution within the New Forest business community.

The event includes a buffet style breakfast and is being held at Lyndhurst Community Centre on Wednesday 17 February 07:30am.

NFBP Member tickets are £12.50 whilst non-members are £22.00.

Book now.

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