Business Breakfast – Effective Email Marketing (25 January 2017 07:30am)

Our second event of 2017 will be held at Paultons Park looking at why email marketing doesn’t work. Murray Cowell will be presenting.

In this interesting and entertaining presentation, Murray will show you why the most popular way to send marketing emails will lose you sales and customers. You might even be making this mistake and not know it. He’ll also explain how to do email marketing better.

The good news is that the best way to build your business using email is simpler and less work than the more popular methods.

If you’ve ever sent a marketing email and been disappointed with the results, or if you’ve never tried email marketing, or even if you’re getting good results but want your campaigns to be even better, there will be something in this presentation for you.

Murray promises that he will get you to think differently about email as a marketing tool, and that by the end of this short presentation, you will understand how to do it better than most!

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