getting the important things done

Business Breakfast: Getting the important things done and still stay sane?

Join Clare Norman, Professional Certified Coach, to find out how to plan and achieve your most important work, including:

•Working on the business instead of in the business
•Balancing billable hours with business development
•Managing time burglars
•Managing email traffic

You’ll learn how to apply Stephen Covey’s Time Management matrix to get the important things done, so that you can break out of always feeling like you are against the clock, doing all the urgent things at the expense of the important.

This event is taking place at NFBP member venue Balmer Lawn Hotel on Thursday 22 March. NFBP Member tickets are £16 (non members very welcome to attend).

This event is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Bookings will close on Monday 19 March at 11:30am

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