Business Breakfast: Google Analytics for your business

Google Analytics – The most insightful way of measuring your marketing success!

Presented by Sally Kavanagh, Atracks

We’ve all heard the quote, “only half my advertising works I just don’t know which half”. Google Analytics tells you which half.

Is the investment you made in creating your website giving you a good return? Is it converting visitors into customers and enquiries? If not why not and what can you do about it?

If you are using Adwords, are you bidding on the right keywords and paying the right amount for them?

What is your market interested in, what messages do your visitors respond to and what leaves them cold?

Google Analytics can answer all these questions and many more, and it’s free. Ignore its data and you are giving away a huge competitive advantage.

This breakfast will look at the information Google Analytics offers and where to find it including how to ensure data is as accurate as possible. It will also discuss splicing and dicing information to analyse the behaviour of only the visitors you are interested such as ones in your local area.

We shall also look briefly at other free Google tools that integrate with Google Analytics such as Search Console.

This event will take place on Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at Shorefield Country Park. NFBP Member tickets are £11.50 (non-members are very welcome to attend).

This event is subject to the following terms and conditions

Bookings for this event will close on Wednesday 16 May at 11:30am

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