Business Support Hour 12 January 2022: Writing a Press Release – Jane Porter, Bartley Marketing

Getting a press release to attract the attention of busy journalists isn’t easy. Jane Porter of Bartley Marketing shares some tips for writing a press release which has the best chance of getting printed and will appeal to your target audience. Jane also talks about the importance of planning your press releases through the year as part of a broader marketing campaign. An experienced marketer, Jane has extensive experience of running successful marketing campaigns and her presentation and the Q&A session afterwards is packed with practical advice to help you achieve the best results across a range of publications.

As a full service marketing company Bartley Marketing regularly prepares press releases for clients from a variety industry sectors, and its online media channels are effectively a giant PR machine for local businesses! Whether you’re doing your marketing communications for yourself or want to be better placed to critique your outsourced marketing, knowing how to construct a press release is a useful skill. Hit your New Year communications plan running!


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