Business Support Hour – building and maintaining relationships in an online world, 16 September 2020

Working virtually, and managing relationships remotely, is here to stay at least in some form. Whether liaising with clients, customers, suppliers, our teams, or our matrix network (those who help us build and grow our business), building and maintaining great relationships is key. How do we do this best virtually? What tools and techniques could we use? What questions can we ask ourselves to make sure the form of contact is best suited to the person and situation?

Jo Hompstead, the founder of ConnectUp, gives presentation on Connecting Remotely – How to build and maintain great relationships in the virtual world.

ConnectUp strives to make a positive impact on people’s working lives by recognising the need to meaningful connecting AT work and TO the work we do. They recognise that every person and every business is unique. ConnectUp offers a bespoke mix of consultancy, facilitation, thinking space, team events and strategy development. They work with large corporate organisations, leaders of teams of whatever size and owners of SMEs to build connection and meaning in people’s working life.

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