Business Support Hour – Planning your online marketing activity, 23 September 2020

Do you need a website? Should you be on FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn (insert the social media platform of the day)? That all depends on what you are trying to achieve. The answer to these questions and your entire Digital and Social Media plan come from taking a holistic view of marketing for your business. It’s easy to jump straight in to social media because it’s at our fingertips all the time. It can also be extremely cost-effective and even free.  That makes it very tempting! But have you really looked at whether it’s right for your organisation? And which of the many social media options make most sense for you?

Toady’s presenter is Frances Fawcett,founder of Crystal Planning, who works directly, and through third parties, with businesses in the UK and internationally. She helps them put strong business plans in place, consider the right marketing approach and ensure robust and compliant export and import processes. She frequently meets businesses with lots of social media activity, but not quite enough marketing strategy to ensure it’s the right activity. Taking time to plan saves time and money in the long run – many social media platforms are free, but the time you spend maintaining them has a cost.

Frances can be reached on 07740 189717, at and via


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