Business Support Hour 20 September 2023: Tim Coe – 21 Ways to Stand Out in Business

Today we welcomed Tim Coe to discuss 21 Ways to Stand Out in Business.

Business is about standing out, not blending in, so why spend your time marketing yourself like everyone else? Marketing expert and author of ‘Your Utterly Seductive Proposal’, Lymington based Tim Coe will share steps you can take, and techniques to can easily employ into your every day marketing activities, to make you more memorable, talked about and referred. With a little thought using alternative perspectives, you can become proud (or more proud) of your marketing which will make you want to do more of it. The business world is full of penguins – don’t be a penguin.

Tim’s slides are available here: Tim Coe – 21 Ways to Stand Out in Business – NFBP 20.9.23