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NFBP campaigns on a range of crucial business related matters particularly those that are difficult for individual busiensses to tackle alone. Details of previous, current and ongoing campaigns are shown below:

NFBP has been a key player in the campaign to delivery faster broadband speeds to local businesses. We have held a number of broadband themed meetings with Programme Managers from the Hampshire Broadband Programme and continue to work to ensure that the New Forest voice is heard. NFBP also is working to investigate altnernative ways of supporting areas which will not be provided with superfast speeds in the forseeable future.

Brand New Forest
NFBP has been the lead partner on the Brand New Forest ‘Doing Better Business’ campaign. The programme is led by the New Forest Business Partnership with support from Brockenhurst and Totton Colleges. ‘Doing Better Business’ aims to build relationships between local business, support agencies, business groups and local governement. Through a wide range of local events including business networking, training, workshops and seminars; local companies can work with, and learn from each other for the benefit of the wider economy.

Local Planning and Transport Policy
Through its board, NFBP is a key consultee on matters affecting business for planning policies of New Forest District Council and New Forest National Park Authority. NFBP provides a valued input into allocations of employment land, strategic transport systems and planning applications which affect the wider economy. In addition, NFBP holds an annual Planning Liaison meeting for the wider membership with senior members of both local planning authorities.

NFBP is a key player in helping to draw down investment from European, national and local funding streams. Our support has helped secure funds which have been directly invested to help local businesses like yours become more profitable, efficient, sustainable and resilient.

NFBP sucesfully worked with New Forest District Council to revise the procurement proceedures for local businesses. Primarily this removed the lower layers at which businesses were required to pay to appear on the approved list of contractors. This, along with other initatives such as the South Hampshire Meet the Buyer make doing business with the local authority a far easier process.

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