Could you be a Business Mentor?

Ambition, the UK’s leading youth club charity is seeking volunteers who can provide support and advice around business enterprise to a small group of young people.

The role of a business mentor is to build a sustainable and trusting working relationship with these young people for around six months to help them explore and develop their business ideas, whilst also building their confidence, skills and self-esteem.

It is anticipated that the time commitment needed to become a mentor will be:

  • 1 day to attend mentor training
  • ½ day matching session & first meeting with your group
  • Approx 1½ hours, two to three times per month

Mentoring activities will be varied with an initial face to face meeting, followed by e-mail exchanges, telephone conversations and if appropriate further face to face meetings. As a business mentor your main responsibilities will be to:

  • meet with your group of mentees to agree how you can help support their business ideas
  • agree a set of boundaries with your group of mentees as well as a set of realistic goals that meets the needs of the group, whilst within the limitations of the support you can provide
  • support your group of mentees to review their progress against set realistic and achievable actions. They will be completing some learning on an online platform, where you will also be able to track their progress
  • encourage your group of mentees to express and discuss their ideas, concerns and understanding of their business ideas
  • support your group of mentees to reflect on and learn from their actions
  • refer your group of mentees to other sources of information, advice and support where appropriate
  • present a positive image of Ambition and communicate the benefits of business enterprise and being in employment

For further detals see

If you think the role may be of interest then please contact Southampton Chamber on 01329 242420

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