Customers, love them or lose them – 07:30am Tuesday 22 October @ Lymington Community Centre

This session will look at why a great Customer Experience (CX) is vital for all businesses at all times.

We all know what good and bad service is when we experience it, but the thing we discover most is that business leaders think that the service their firm delivers is better than it actually is, and many have no way of knowing how good their service is.

In this interactive session, we will cover:

  • Why a great experience is important for all
  • Current trends in service
  • What does great service look like
  • What impact does great CX have on sales
  • How you can measure and improve
  • Some handy hints and tips to take away

The session will be delivered by Jim Smith of UK wide Customer Experience experts insight6. Jim has worked across Hampshire for over 10 years in diverse sectors, from attractions to Professional Services, to improve customer experience and service levels

If your business has customers, or if you want to improve service and sales, this session applies to you.

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