Cybercrime: Essential information to protect your business – 24 January at 49 Ltd

Would you know what to do if your business was affected by a virus? Do you know what a denial of service attack is?

New Forest businesses are invited to our annual event on Cybercrime and Online Security where you will be given useful information and advice on how to protect your business from these threats and more.

The cyber threat to New Forest businesses is significant and growing. Research shows that nearly 50% of small businesses have been a victim of cybercrime, costing an average of £4,000 per business.

This threat is varied and adaptable, which is why NFBP offers New Forest businesses this annual update.

The disruption caused by cybercrime is a serious barrier to growth, and can cause irreparable damage not only to your business’ capacity to trade, but also its reputation. Businesses need to take steps to assess the risks of online crime and fraud. NFBP will continue to provide information and advice to help you to do this.

Guests are invited to stay behind once the event has concluded for a tour of the new business venture 49 Ltd.

Please specify any food allergies and/or intolerances when you book.

Bookings for this event close on Monday 21 January at 11:30am

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