Free Driver Training for Local Businesses

The Blue Lamp Trust is hosting a FREE theory based Driver Awareness for Business training course during the afternoon of Tuesday 20th November, 2012, at Eastleigh, Hampshire. This FREE offer is particularly relevant to Employers, Directors, HR Managers, those working in the field of Health and Safety, or Fleet / Transport Managers. The invitation to the classroom course will allow you the opportunity to see what we have on offer and to see whether our products would be of any value to your company. The driver training we provide specialises in vocational driver training designed to assist businesses in evidencing a commitment to that duty of care in respect of employees who drive company vehicles (including lease), their own vehicles, or hire vehicles on company business and brings business benefits and helps companies  meet their duty of care obligations to employees.

This classroom-based course is based on the highly successful Hampshire Police courses, which are offered to members of the public who are caught exceeding the speed limit or using their mobile phones whilst driving. Our course has been designed to cover speed, mobile phones, other distractions, hazards, tiredness, loads, consequences and responsibilities and will serve as a really useful refresher to drivers in respect of the law and the Highway Code. We have developed this course to make it particularly relevant for company vehicle drivers and those who drive their own car on company business. The course has been validated by Hampshire Constabulary Training Department.

I hope that you or a colleague will be able to join us and take advantage of this rare opportunity for free driver training and I would recommend an early reply to secure a pIace as demand is often high. If this date is inconvenient then there are other dates which we can offer.”

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