Effective Email Marketing – Update from event

Jane Porter from Bartley Marketing hosted this morning’s breakfast ‘Effective Email Marketing’ assisted by Rob Dewing, from Northerwood Websites and Vice Chairman of NFBP.

Jane has had a long history of working in the marketing sector and therefore comes with a huge amount of experience and expertise. She began her career in London when  direct mail boomed before the internet and has seen the marketing industry develop in many ways.  Jane also owns lymington.com, website with multiple media channels which showcases local businesses and events, and spoke of how in the two years since launching their weekly “What’s On” emailed newsletter they have not missed a single week.

There are many positives to email marketing that Jane touched on such as the low cost, the efficiency, the level of control businesses have over the content, the fact that it can be sent directly to your market and it’s easy to track and measure success (and failure) through analytics. A  large number of systems support and facilitate email marketing including Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and Astonish to name but a few, all of which offer similar services with slight variations which will suit individual business needs.

Jane stressed the importance of the content going into the e-newsletter and discussed some top tips on how to write your emails, as well as how to use images and subject lines to grab the reader’s attention. Some would argue that a large amount of text is not always the best way to entice your reader, so by including links to your website where more information can be found  it breaks down the text and is a great way of linking your marketing work together. Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum and Escape Yachting both brought examples of their enewsletters to the breakfast and were open to suggestions on ways to improve them.

Jane highlighted the importance of ensuring your marketing strategy is in place first, in order to define and clarify objectives and a plan for your email marketing.. She recommended the Loyalty Ladder, Key Stages, Rule of 7 and AIDA as ways to start thinking about whom your audience are and ways to target them.

Andy Ashcroft from Koolskools highlighted two links for extra support with email marketing. For help with the headline of your email marketing, from the Headline Analyzer click here 

For help with minimizing the links in your email marketing, which can be particularly useful for Tweeting purposes click here

Bartley Marketing would be happy to help any NFBP member who wpuld like a conversation about email marketing in the context of their overall marketing strategy.

Thank you to Rhinefield House Hotel in Brockenhurst who were wonderful hosts!

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