Ellen Stokes – Young Person in Business Award Winner

Ellen Stokes won the Eric Robinson Young Person in Business Award, her business is Be Exhibitions. We caught up with Ellen to see what she has been up to since winning her award.

“Winning the NFBP 2017/2018 Young Person in Business award provided so much more to my business than just a confidence boost. My business was very early on its life. Starting only in May 2017, I had done well in the first few months and was very happy with how it had gone.

Winning the award definitely came as a shock however it was the boost that I and the business needed. It gave me and the business credibility and increased my exposure in my network and beyond. Since winning that award, I have gone on to get newer and bigger clients, streamlined my business practices and focused myself better.

The biggest advantage of winning the award is that through the judging process; you are challenged on your plans and how you plan on reaching them. It provokes you into thinking more in depth about your business plan and the goals that you set personally and professionally. This has focused me and made me look at how I am getting clients and promoting myself.

I have since grown the business in a big way and am continuing in a second successful year of business. Thank you to the NFBP for acknowledging me with the award and allowing me to reap the benefits that comes with it.”


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