Fantastic Films and How To Make Them – The Art of Marketing Your Business via Film 13 June @7pm

Reece de Ville (devillefilm) is an award winning filmmaker, and will take you through all the do’s and don’ts of marketing your business via film. During the event, you’ll learn about understanding how your business is seen via social media, how different types of film can affect how potential clients see you and your work and gain a valuable insight into film companies and freelancers and how you should approach and talk to them when looking to make a promotional business film.

You’ll watch a number of examples of promotional filmmaking – from the sublime to the frankly ridiculous and take part in a number of fun practical exercises that will give you the confidence to get exactly what you want from any future film work you invest in.

From ten second selfie pitches to 2-3 minute epics, with Reece de Ville you’ll see that fab filmmaking doesn’t have to be fantastical – if you’ve seen behind the magicians curtain.

*All attendees will receive 10% off their first promotional film with devillefilm


£10 Members
£20 Non Members

Book now for 13 June 7-9pm

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