Fantastic films and how to make them – Update from event

As key sponsors of the New Forest Film Festival 2019 NFBP partnered with Deville Films to bring members and non-members 2 workshops on how to market your business via film. Reece Deville from Deville Films gave an interactive and engaging workshop on hints and tips to make your film a success within your resources.

With samples of Reece’s own work as well as others within the industry he was able to show attendees first-hand examples of film which has been successful and film which has been less so. Through seeing all of the different footage it became clear to plan ahead and consider the messages you want to send out before the filming takes place. Remember that different audiences will respond to different things, so include this in the planning process as well. For example if you are trying to attract users of social media, post your film on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However social media is fast moving and changes constantly so make your content is short and memorable; get your point across in as little time as possible.

Reece encouraged attendees to work in pairs to produce simple films using their mobile phones. He asked attendees to speak to the camera about what they do for a living in 10 seconds to get us thinking about what the most important information was to include.

Reece stressed the important of being able to tell a story with film to keep your audience engaged and interested. Reece encouraged attendees to get to the point efficiently and not to fill time for the sake of it. He spoke about being realistic with what you can achieve within your restrictions, such as your budget, as well as time constraints and resources. Your film can be simple and still be very effective, but you need to be creative and think outside of the box.

The workshops were brought to a close by a final exercise in pairs. Reece handed round envelopes with cards in them describing a product which needed to be made into a film but with very little resource. This encouraged attendees to be creative in how they would go about making this film before feeding back to the group.

With huge thanks to Deville Films for running these 2 workshops. We received some brilliant feedback on these sessions and you can find out more about Deville Films by clicking here.

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