Free Structured Networking Event – 9 July (5:30-7:00) – Balmer Lawn Hotel

Are there matters in your business which keep you awake at night?
Are there some problems that a Google search just can’t solve?
Do you ever feel like you have nobody to answer your questions when you have a simple query?

The NFBP Peer Group Learning is designed to help you overcome all of the issues above. More than just a normal networking event, this structured, facilitated event will allow you to learn from others’ experiences and knowledge in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. There’s certainly no such thing as a stupid question!

The structure of this event means that if you have a particular issue, there’ll be someone else in the room to help you, connect you or reassure your.

So whether you’re having issue with being paid on time, want to know where to focus your advertising or just want to attract new customers; bring your wicked issues to the table as others will be willing and able to help you.

Chatham House Rules apply; whatever issues you bring to the table are for the information and support of other delegates only.

Light refreshments will be served.

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