Overcome the rising cost of transport and travel with free advice from My Journey

With National Cycle to Work day on 3rd September, there’s never been a better time to think about the journey to work that you and your staff make.

By rethinking the way you travel for business, it is possible to save time and money

You can boost your profitability and competitiveness by reducing car use and choosing smarter, cleaner travel for more business journeys. A dedicated local team of advisers is ready to work with you to transform the way you travel for business. 

Their involvement can include:

  • free support from a dedicated adviser offering tailored business travel planning
  • a full appraisal of current travel needs
  • advice on grants and funding
  • activities, information and travel initiatives for staff – for example bike loans or personal journey planning.

The benefits to you business

Business savings: reduced travel costs, less demand for car park spaces and better use of staff time all contribute to cost reductions.

Increased productivity: measures such as online journey planning, video conferencing and working on the move can win you back valuable work time for your employees.

Healthier, happier staff: walking and cycling reduces stress and improves staff health and wellbeing.

Improved environmental credentials: reducing your overall carbon footprint can boost the competitiveness and profile of your business.

This service is fully funded, so there is no cost to you. For more information about the My Journey workplace travel programme, please get in touch by emailing Josh.Allen@sustrans.org.uk


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