Google Analytics for your Business – Update from event

Sally Kavanagh from Atracks hosted this mornings breakfast on ‘Google Analytics for your Business’ at NFBP member venue Shorefield Country Park, Milford on Sea.

Sally has been in business since 2000 and focuses her business on Google Analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Adwords.

Sally explained to the 22 delegates that Google Analytical data is gathered using a script on each page of a website that uses a cookie to capture information on visitors anonymously. It is a statistical tool, it does not capture information about individuals or individual visits unless necessary eg for ecommerce transactions.

There is a wealth of data you can access, so in order to determine whether your website is performing or under performing you must always ask questions of GA, rather than seeing what the data can tell. You need to understand what your website is trying to achieve such as sales for example in order to measure the success.

To be able to monitor your website performance you will need to look at data in context -Is performance better or worse than last week/month/year -Is performance meeting targets, absolute or growth?

Sally then took us through the four main reports: Audience (who visits your site), Acquisition (how do visitors get to your site), Behaviour (where do visitors go on your site and what do they do) and Conversions (how to measure the success of website). It was explained that you are also able to extract certain views and segments of data as well as the benefits of using Google Search Console and Google Adwords.

Details of the presentation can be found within the Member’s Area.

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