How do I get the important things done and still stay sane? – Update from event

Yesterday’s Business Breakfast ‘How do I get the important things done and still stay sane?’ was held at the NFBP member hotel, Balmer Lawn. Clare Norman, from Clare Norman Coaching Associates, lead the discussions around time management and got everyone thinking about what is most important to them in their business and where they need to focus their time.

Clare referenced the author Steven Covey and his work on the Eisenhower Matrix. Clare used this theory to get us thinking about what our priorities are in our businesses and how vital it is to look after ourselves to be able to perform to our very best. She stressed the importance of allowing time out of our busy lives to rest and play to enable us to be the very best we can be! It was interesting considering the different tasks that businesses prioritise and what they consider as important. Towards the end of the breakfast we all had to say what we had learnt from the breakfast and how we were going to put into practice. It’s safe to say that we all learnt a new way of managing our time and that this topic was an issues shared amongst all.

We were well fed and watered with a delicious range of breakfast options. Thank you to the staff for being wonderful hosts. Balmer Lawn is certainly one to visit!

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