Social Media back to basics: Instagram for business – Update from event

Instagram was the second workshop for the Social Media business briefings held at Lyndhurst Community Centre. Rebecca Wade from Purple Dog presented on this topic with her excellent knowledge and skills on this social media platform.

She started by drawing our attention to the age demographic of Instagram to show who is most likely to see your posts. The audience for Instagram is largely 18-34 year olds although other ages do use it as well.

The important thing to remember about Instagram is that it is smart phone based, so not only do you need a smart phone in order to be able to use it but Rebecca highlighted that you can only do very little within the social media platform via a desktop. This is good to bare in mind when considering whether or not it is the right platform for your business. On a desktop you can open an Instagram account, like and comment on posts but that is all, so it can be quite restricting. The idea behind Instagram being smart phone based is that the content is instant.

Rebecca also discussed the use of hashtags and suggested that 11 is a good number of hashtags on a post but you can have up to 30. However she recommended that you do the research on these hashtags first to see who else is using them and how reliable they are. Emojis are much the same, Instagram encourage the use of emojis but make sure the ones you are using are relevant to your post/ business.

Instagram also gives you the opportunity to see how well your posts are doing and to see if they are reaching the right audience. As well as this it can tell you when the best time is to send your post out on a business profile. This is a great tool to know how to use to be able to judge if the content of what you are posting is working for your business.

Rebecca advised to post daily if you can but if not 3-4 times a week is sufficient and remember to keep the conversation going when replying to comments on your posts. The more comments you receive the more it helps to boost the post.

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