NPA NFDC Breakfast Meeting

Joint Meeting NFBP, NPA and NFDC – 14 June: Lyndhurst Community Centre

A joint event between NFBP, New Forest District Council and the New Forest National Park Authority

Your chance to meet key decision makers in the National Park Authority and the District Council and tell them what matters for you as a business. Hear about the policies they are implementing today, tell them what you think about those policies, and have an opportunity to influence the policies of tomorrow. 

The meeting will be in two parts. First there will be short presentations from both Authorities about their role in the local economy. This will be followed by an open floor discussion of the issues we would like them to bear in mind for their own policies and to bring into discussions they have at County or National level.

Later in the meeting we will focus specifically on local planning policies. Last March the controversial National Planning Policy Framework came into force, placing the onus on Local Authorities to set planning policies locally instead of enacting what had been handed down from on high by Government. This means we now have a much greater chance of influencing planning policy. Or do we? Attend this key event and find out.

Presenters are expected to include the Chief Executives and Directors of Planning of both Authorities. We are also hoping that a representative of the Local Enterprise Partnership will be in attendance.

Please note the change of date which has had to be made to accommodate some of the attendees.

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