Business Support Hour 7 December 2022: The Language of Disability – Michael Grimmett

Michael Grimmett returned to Business Support Hour today to discuss The Language of Disability, a follow on from his previous introduction to accessibility and inclusion.

Language is an important part of Disability because language reflects the cultural assumptions and thinking of the society around us. Language is never purely descriptive – it shapes how we see each other, the value we place on different identities, and sometimes how we behave.

Michael is a Disability Inclusion Specialist by experience, who supports businesses to look at disability differently. Michael is a well-rounded practitioner with professional, academic and real-life experience of disability, who can balance inclusive strategic development with the practical implementation of measures that deliver change. Michael has successfully delivered training to businesses in varying sectors.

Rather than focusing on people’s health conditions or impairments, Michael clearly highlights the barriers that exclude disabled people from fully participating in our society, while understanding the nervousness many of us feel when talking about disability.

Michael shares personal insight and practical guidance about how businesses can help make necessary change for the better, removing barriers so disabled people are fully included within mainstream activities both personally and professionally.