Leveraging TripAdvisor and other customer review sites Wednesday 05 February @ 07:30am – Balmer Lawn Hotel

The internet has changed the marketing landscape for ever. In many ways, your brand is no longer what you say it is: more often than not, it is what your customers say it is. Everyone is a potential online publisher, with the ability to reach their communities with all manner of information. Increasingly, your customers are influenced by what their peers say about a business, so review and recommendation sites like TripAdvisor play a huge part in how people judge your business.

This business briefing is presented by Sanj Naha – CEO of BigDish and TripAdvisor Guru. Sanj will look at why you should embrace review and recommendation sites such as TripAdvisor and leverage them as a marketing tool that can massively boost your ranking and ultimately the volume of enquiries and bookings. He will provide insights into the TripAdvisor algorithm and how the actions you take can influence your ranking.

Of course, TripAdvisor is not the only review and recommendation site: others like Google Reviews, Trust Pilot and Feefo are equally influential, so this business briefing is designed to demonstrate the type of signals you can send to these sites that will ultimately improve your listing.

Sanj will also conduct a Q&A session when you can ask specific questions about marketing your business in an increasingly competitive market.


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