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What does your LinkedIn profile say about you? Probably the usual things like what school you went to, your work history, promotions, professional interests, and maybe a shared link to an industry think-piece every once in a while.

For the sake of professionalism, most LinkedIn users are reluctant to include much personal information, but the monotony of job titles and spam recruiter messages can get pretty stale. Too stale, in fact, for Australian businesswoman Anna McAfee, who sparked a global movement known as #LinkedInLocal.

Though well-connected both on and off LinkedIn, Anna was fed up with the drudgery of online interactions. In 2017, she made a short but sweet status update to her LinkedIn simply asking others in the area to meet her for a cup of coffee and signed off her post with a new hashtag: #LinkedInLocal.

Since that very first meeting, with just 15 people, word began to spread – to over 100,000 people around the world. LinkedIn influencers took notice and hosted events on their own and it soon snowballed into a global phenomenon.

Our goal with hosting here in the New Forest is an effort to build a local community of shared professional experiences, regardless of industry.

The Linkedin Local New Forest gathering has been meeting since 2019, inspiring new real-life connections and bridging gaps by putting people, not profiles, first.

Though 60% of members participating in meetups are looking to network and 90% walk away with new connections, Linkedin Local events mean more than just bolstering your clout online. Among members, 89% say they would recommend LinkedIn Local gatherings to any of their connections.

Grown from a grassroots movement with a big idea, the force behind Linkedin Local brings professionals together with a common goal of collaboration, inclusivity, and respect. What results is connections truly brought to life.

You are welcome to come along to any Linkedin Local New Forest gathering - you don't need to be a member of NFBP.

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Ready to get involved with your own LinkedIn Local gathering here in the New Forest? You can pop in at any time during the event. Yes, this event is non-promotional and not-for-profit. NFBP hosts this event to benefit local businesses in making valuable connections.

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