Marketing: Kick-start and evolve your marketing – Update from event

The most recent business briefing was held at Lyndhurst Community Centre on 5th March. This NFBP event differed from the standard format as it was more of an interactive workshop, led by Victoria Vickery and Claire Payne from All Star Marketing Club.

All Star Marketing Club was built after noticing a gap in the market discovered by Victoria Vickery. Having already worked in the marketing industry she noticed a considerable number of businesses who understood the importance of marketing but who did not have the knowledge, tools, resources or budget to be able to deliver to the potential they would like. This is where All Star Marketing Club can help, they work with small businesses on a 1:1 basis to find the best way to achieve what the businesses wants with the resources they have, making the most out of the skills and talent the it already has.

The speakers started by asking the attendees what experience they already had in marketing. There was a huge mixture of expertise and experience in the room but what was clear was that more and more businesses are moving towards the options that digital marketing can offer, such as websites, social media and other online platforms. The marketing industry is moving more towards digital to utilise the advanced technology on offer and the ways it can reach their intended audience efficiently.

The speakers used case studies as examples to help show businesses what successful marketing can do for your business as well as what not to do. They helped attendees to think about who their key audience is by encouraging them to complete the workbook that they had provided. Attendees followed along with the presentation and at various intervals completed the next section of the workbook with help from Victoria and Claire. This was an invaluable piece of work as attendees were then able to take this progress away with them to put it into practice in their individual businesses.

NFBP would like to thank All Star Marketing Club for offering this workshop free of charge to NFBP. The time they were able to spend with attendees on a 1:1 basis during the workshop was very valuable. They are very keen to work with small businesses across the New Forest so if you are in need of some help and guidance with your marketing please contact them by visiting the contact page of their website.

To view this workshops key take-outs please follow the link below to the member’s only area:

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