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NFBP’s Social Media Breakfasts

Throughout October, NFBP will be hosting a series of four workshops on the subject social media. Each workshop will be focussed on a different platform (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook) allowing you to choose those you wish to learn more about or which match your business/individual needs.

Each workshop will be run as a Business Breakfast at Lyndhurst Community Centre. There will also be an opportunity to network with other attending businesses at the events.

All events are charged at £12.50 for NFBP Members and £22.50 for Non-Members

Details of the individual events are shown below:

Google+ – 15 October
Google+ is sometimes seen as the Cinderella of the social media scene having appeared after Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. However, with a growing user base and the power of Google behind I, growing businesses cannot afford to ignore it. This session will be led by Gavin Meikle of inter-activ, and will help you harness the power of Google+ to support your online marketing strategy. Gavin will also update us on the latest changes to Google + and their implications for entrepreneurs.
Details of Google+ Workshop

Facebook – 22 October
A breakfast training session designed to help you get to grips with the world of Facebook. This session will be led by James Chetwode of Intergage. It will explore how your posts can attract new customers, promote specific aspects of your business and provide a platform to answer simple customer enquiries.
Details of Facebook Workshop

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