CommunicationNFBP Members can use our regular press releases, eNewsletters, social media, website and digital media distribution to promote product launches, service success and event information. NFBP’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages all provide opportunities to communicate with other members whist press releases to local newspapers, magazines and radio stations can create business profile for the right story.

As you’ll be aware, hard copy or online marketing can be expensive and difficult to target but by becoming and NFBP Member, you can communicate information about your business to like minded, engaged businesses within the local New Forest area.

So whether you’ve won an award, launched a new product, taken on new premises or attracted a major new client, you have the chance to make your news known.

See below for links to NFBP’s Social Media Pages along with how you can get in touch.

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If you’ve got a story to tell about your business then please contact Becky Denby on 023 8028 5371 or
email here.

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