Rural Communities Broadband Fund Application

As you may be aware, work is underway to rollout superfast Broadband (24MB) to 90% of the properties within Hampshire. Beyond this however, there is a need to address those properties which will fall within the final 10%

The final 10% will be exclusively in rural areas and as such, an application is being made to the Rural Communities Broadband Fund (RCBF). The bid is being led by the New Forest National Park Authority (NPA) with support from New Forest District Council and Hampshire County Council.

Work including the Broadband Survey will feed into the evidence process but beyond this, we need support from individual local businesses. As such, we’d like to ask local businesses to complete and return to the NPA a letter of support to demonstrate backing for the bid. Please feel free to adapt the letter as you see appropriate.

Download RCBF letter of support

The submission will be made in late August, we will of course keep you posted on any progress.

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