Setting up a small business (event report)

Attendees of our breakfast on the subject of ‘Setting up a Small Business’ heard from Catherine Maxfield, a Managing Partner at Eric Robinson Solicitors who spoke to members about the different types of corporate structure available, and advised them to put in place protective documentation such as shareholder agreements and contracts of employment right from the outset, important protection in case any of the partners in a business subsequently decided they wanted to leave. Catherine also advised us to consider how we should protect our intellectual property through trademarking, and making sure to assign ownership to the company of any IP provided by directors and staff as individuals.

Ben Upward, a commercial property specialist at Eric Robinson Solicitors, then spoke about some of the things to bear in mind when taking on leasehold property, such as how long a term to go for, asking for break clauses, looking into what the repairs and maintenance liabilities might be, and making sure that if you have a limited company, that it is the company which is liable for the lease and not you personally.

There was certainly plenty to think about in both presentations, and we look forward to Catherine’s presentation on How to write a business plan on Thursday 13th July.

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