Social Media Training – Wed 10 Sep – 10am-12noon – Lyndhurst Community Centre

Social Media Training Success

Wednesday 10 September 2014 – 10am – 12noon

20+ businesses came along to this event to get to grips with the basics of Social Media. This free informal workshop helped businesses to understand the benefits of being social. Perfect for small businesses new to the online world and those who have dabbled a little but were still unsure. Social media can be an increasingly important part of running your business and whilst many major companies invest significant resources in promoting their pages, you can raise your profile by knowing a little about how they work without breaking the bank.

The workshop covered an introduction to Social Media and the various platforms used and incorporated some top tips for using social media, including the essentials not to miss to attract customers and draw attention to your product or service. With some good suggestions for post types and understanding what to post and when.

With some great feedback from attendees, found the session interesting and  it as well as understanding what to avoid.

This free workshop took place at Lyndhurst Community Centre on Wednesday 10 September between 10am-12noon.


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