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Funding is a critical part of any businesses success, whether that be a new start-up or an established organisation looking to grow. With the number of choices available though, often knowing which option is best for you is difficult. We have listed a few grant funding opportunities below, but please visit New Forest District Council’s website for more details.

New Forest LEADER Programme

  • This European funding stream forms part of the Rural Development Programme for England and provides support for farmers, foresters, businesses in rural areas and community projects.
  • It is primarily a capital grant programme; part-funding investment in certain types of buildings, equipment and machinery to help businesses to grow and/or create jobs.
  • The minimum grant is £2,500 and the maximum grant £50,000, and for commercial projects grants are usually 40% of the total project cost.
  • LEADER is a prior approval grant scheme; applications must be approved, and a contract issued, before you can commit to project expenditure.
  • Plan ahead – the application process could take 6 months from start to the project receiving the go-ahead (this includes the time it takes for the applicant to complete the forms).
  • There is a two stage application process which consists of a shorter ‘Expression of interest’ followed by a longer ‘Full Application’.

Further details can be found on the website

New Forest National Park Authority Sustainable Communities Fund

The aim of the fund is to strengthen the well-being and sustainability of communities within the National Park.

The fund is currently supporting projects that:

  • Enhance the cultural heritage of the New Forest
  • Conserve the biodiversity of the National Park
  • Raise awareness of why the New Forest is a special place
  • Provide opportunities to engage people with the National Park
  • Support the provision of local food and goods
  • Reduce carbon emissions in the National Park
  • Provide sustainable transport options including cycling facilities

For projects requesting up to £2,000 we can provide up to 100 per cent of project costs.

For further information visit the website

BusinessCash Advance

BCA is a new scheme offered by the business support provider, Boost Capital

The scheme is designed to provide fast, flexible financing to small business owners who require funds quickly but do not wish to use traditional sources such as bank loans.

The scheme is intended to support those businesses that are in their growth phase and wish to expand operations.

Business owners who accept credit and debit cards as a form of payment can qualify for between £3,000 and £500,000. All funding advances are repaid through a fixed percentage of the company’s credit / debit card sales. A fixed daily settlement value will be recovered until the repayment is made in full.

The money can be used to invest in new equipment, stock, marketing, remodelling, staff, expansion and other business demands.

To qualify, merchants must have a minimum of £3,000 monthly credit / debit card sales and be in business for at least 9 months.

For further information visit the website

Charity Bank – Loan Finance

Charity Bank offers loan finance and advice to enable community businesses and social enterprises to grow.

Typical loans range from £50,000 to £2 million.

For further details visit the website

Community Business Loan Fund

The Royal Bank of Scotland supports community-based businesses such as social enterprises and co-operatives, as well as business activity that has a positive impact on society.

The CBLF has been set up to help potential and existing social entrepreneurs who are unable to access finance through the normal mainstream channels. The Fund offers loans of between £30,000 to £500,000 for the purpose of starting or expanding a community-based business.

For further information visit the website on