Terms and Conditions: Protect your business from the outset – 21 February at New Forest Heritage Centre

For many businesses, this task may not be your first priority, but getting it right is crucial to ensuring healthy cashflow. 

When you are in the early days of starting up your business, there’s a never-ending list of tasks to complete. Sorting out the terms and conditions of trade is not at the top of the list. Getting your product market ready, finding customers and marketing your product take priority in the startup process. Neglecting this less exciting part of your business, however, could impact your cashflow through delayed payments and having to pay for materials before taking payments.

In a worst-case scenario, you could end up spending lots of money and wasting time on debt collections. Late payment is a fact of life for small businesses, as customers often give lower priority to bills from small firms. With the right terms in place, however, you can ensure that you get paid first. Get your terms right and there’s no excuse for slow payments.

Find out more at this business briefing, and enjoy a continental breakfast, about how if you don’t specify terms and conditions you put your business at risk of uncertainty and misunderstandings – it’s vital to establish the actual arrangement between the two parties involved in any deal. You need to cover yourself, so clients or partners have no opportunity to go back on their word.

If you are attending this event and would like to/ are happy to share your business terms and conditions with other attendees, please email them to becky.denby@nfdc.gov.uk This is a brilliant opportunity to receive invaluable feedback. Please note that your terms and conditions will be shared with the speaker and those present in the discussion.

Eric Robinson Solicitors will explain how having terms and conditions protects you as a business and will suggest top tips for setting out your terms and conditions.

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