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Time Management: Become more productive – 20 March at Beaulieu Road Hotel

Get more done by leveraging other people’s brainpower

What percentage of your time do you spend making decisions that your team members should be making; or doing work that they should be doing?

Clare Norman’s research suggests that leaders spend 30-40% of their time working on decisions and tasks their people should be doing.  Does that sound like you?  The way people lead is not working!

In this session, Clare will recommend a new way of leading, which will enable you to:

  • have more time in the long-term to focus on the strategic issues that you are being held accountable for
  • feel more fulfilled that you have helped someone else to grow
  • feel more challenged because you are working on strategic issues that require you to think
  • create employees who
    • will get more done, because they won’t need to wait until they can talk to you
    • feel more fulfilled as a result of getting more done
    • feel more challenged, as they will be using their brain to solve problems
    • feel more engaged, and will be more likely to stick around for longer
    • experience a more effective approach to management, that they can then use with their own team members
  • strengthen your succession plan with employees who are learning and growing

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