Update from Brilliance in Business Winner Col-Tec

Taking up the mantle of winning the award for “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and living up to that tag, Col-Tec have further decided to apply those traits to embarking on a significant enhancement of our website making a visit to the site a more engaging and interactive experience.  We are so used to applying these skills to the development of our machines that the award has prompted us to express the same mind set in all other areas of the business.  We are currently busy building machines for clients in Uruguay, America and Egypt as well as the UK and our installation engineers are particularly proud of the award given they are regularly asked by clients how the business is faring.

Col-Tec continues to invest in its future and two new employment posts have been created since the award, the most recent currently advertised in the local A&T newspaper as we look for another apprentice, this time in our machine shop.  The great thing about customising machines for our clients is that no two weeks or even days are ever quite the same and that forces a dynamic innovative culture in order to be successful.

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