What LEP Growth Hubs can do for you – Update from event

The Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP’s) for the south are Solent and Enterprise M3 (EM3). Each LEP has their own Growth Hub funded by the government. Jeannie Satchell from EM3 and Denise Barlow from Solent attended the Business Breakfast to speak about what their LEP Growth Hub can do to support local businesses.

Over the past 5 years Growth Hubs have increased in numbers and now every LEP has a Growth Hub which is ever changing to best suit business needs. Each Growth Hub covers different areas of the south, so depending on where your business is located defines which LEP your business falls under.

Part of the work the Growth Hubs do is signposting and referring businesses to the right people to make sure they receive the help and support that is right for them. As well as this they also offer business support via email, telephone or face to face. In some cases they also offer grant funding however grant funding isn’t right for every business.

As well as covering different areas the Growth Hubs also offer slightly different services. Solent work with businesses at all stages, whether they are start-up businesses or larger/ well established businesses, whereas EM3 will only work with high growth and limited businesses. However EM3 do have a Business Support helpline which is accessible through their website and open to everyone. They also work closely with a variety of partners, including having a good relationship with New Forest District Council where they have seen over 20 businesses in 1:1 sessions to provide guidance on their business growth.

It is important for businesses to know who their local LEP is and what they do so that they get the helping hand needed to take their business to the next level. Held at NFBP members Bartley Lodge Hotel, part of New Forest Hotels, we were well looked after with a delicious breakfast with a wide variety of options. Thank you to Denise and Jeannie for their time at the breakfast, it was an invaluable session.

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